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Perimeter Protection

Face Recognition

Based on Artificial Intelligence

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Face recognition is mainly used for identification. Due to the popularity of video surveillance, many video surveillance systems urgently need a kind of rapid identification technology under in order to quickly identify people in remote and realize intelligent alarm beforehand.
Dahua Face Recognition solutions offer high accuracy of detection rate and recognition rate with its advanced AI technology ,and can provide such functions as Face Detection, Face Comparison, Intelligent Search, Face Image Search, Face Database Management, Mobile App Linkage, Information Display, Video Full Color ,etc. to improve user experience.

Business Challenge

Big data
Because of the increasing data, it is difficult to analyze, retrieve and intelligently analyze the massive unstructured audio and video data produced by video surveillance industry.

Low efficiency of labor
The surveillance camera monitors and records videos day and night, the traditional security system will spend a lot of time and manpower in finding and analyzing videos to find the target information.

Low accuracy
The accuracy of video surveillance system is relatively low because of the quality of video source..

Limited value
There is less valuable information in a large amount of data. It is very important to combine big data with artificial intelligence to improve the value of video information.

Typical Application

Monitoring Area
Plant perimeter, Fence, Important control area

Limited Access Area
No parking area, military base, danger area, river bank

Solution benifits

Quick Search

Face recognition solution can quickly find useful information from massive data through metadata search and image search..

Real-time Alarm

Reduce the occurrence of crime, protect personal and property safety by real-time monitoring and alarm linkage.

High Accuracy

Face Recognition solution ensure high accuracy of detection rate and recognition rate by using deep learning algorithms.

Business Intelligent

Statistical report analysis based on structural features help the shop owners find the potential customers and guide marketing plan.

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